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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Day 2 Wrap Up

Nice hustle #73.

Schedule for Sunday: Practice 9:30-10:38 a.m.; practice 3:30-4:26 p.m. (I'm sticking with the "exact" times given out last week)

Notes on Saturday's practices...

  • Croyle, Huard and Printers all took about the same number of snaps in the morning. Croyle and Huard took the majority of snaps in the afternoon.
  • Bernard Pollard had two consecutive picks in the 7 on 7 drills.
  • On second year CB Michael Bragg: "Bragg has had a good camp so far; he has been around the ball and has been very competitive."
  • Jared Allen popped Kolby Smith in the backfield during 11 on 11 drills, causing a fumble Allen recovered.
Priest Holmes was supposed to arrive late last night in River Falls. Carl Peterson said, "I would say that you will probably see (Holmes) here tomorrow. I talked with him today, he called me and let me know what was going on, and we’re going to afford Priest Holmes the opportunity to make this football team because he deserves it." Herm also noted on Priest that he isn't expected to put on any pads when he arrives. Holmes will be conditioning until the Chiefs' brass can make a decision on his ability to play.

It already appears that Croyle and Huard will be getting most of the snaps and splitting those snaps roughly about equal. Reports have noted Printers' footwork and speed but thats not enough to pose any serious threat to no. 2 on the QB depth chart.

Tank Tyler is the early favorite to fill in for Jared Allen while he serves his two games suspension at the beginning of the season.

Most of the Chiefs organization donned Greensburg Ranger hats yesterday in show of support for the residents of Greensburg, KS. Greensburg, KS, experienced an F5 tornado on May 4 that literally wiped out the entire town.

Hermism: "You guys are the fastest three in captivity." -On LBs Derrick Johnson, Donnie Edwards and Napoleon Harris.

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