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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Day 1 Wrap Up

Training Camp Schedule for Saturday: Punt Pass & Kick Competition Day; practice 9:08-10:26 a.m.; practice 3:53-5:11 p.m.

I'm still not sure how I'm going to be covering training camp, i.e. whether or not we want updates every single day of camp, just the highlights or what. So for now, I'll direct you towards a couple pages you should bookmark- the UW-RF daily update page and the photogallery at the same site.

A few bits of info from yesterday's practice:

  • CB Michael Bragg nearly made a athletic interception on a 25 yard pass from Casey Printers.
  • Huard and Croyle seem to be playing at about the same level.
  • Said an 11 year old fan: "We’re waiting to see someone get laid out."
  • Herm Edwards reiterated his training camp mantra: Compete.
  • Herm just makes me laugh out loud. On the subject of LT v. LJ, Herm said that any player in the NFL called by their initials is extraordinarily talented.
Man, you gotta love Herm Edwards' humor. Yesterday's Q&A from Herm is here and one with running back Michael Bennett here. Also, for your Saturday morning reading pleasure, check out a letter Arrowhead Addict penned to the anti-LJ crowd.

Note: I just made a Training Camp Info block to the right. I'll keep those daily update links in there and I'll add any other daily links we should be checking out.

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