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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Day 1

Note: The UW-RF crew is giving us some very detailed info on their site. They have the link to all of the updates on that page too. Definitely something to check everyday of camp.

Today, from 3:53 pm to 5:05 pm (approximately), the Kansas City Chiefs take to the field for the first practice of the 2007 training camp. In good contract news, the Chiefs signed kicker Justin Medlock yesterday and he was able to make the trip to River Falls with the team.

On the subject of contracts, Adam Teicher tells us that the Kansas City Chiefs haven't made an offer to Larry Johnson since June 1.

"We're very far apart, but I can't tell you exactly how far apart we are because we haven't received an offer from them since June 1," said Alvin Keels, Johnson's agent.

The Chiefs confirmed the date of their most recent offer to Johnson, saying they were waiting for Keels to make what they believe is a more reasonable proposal before they submit a new one.

I'm not going to place any blame on either side at the moment but that little snippet of information doesn't give me a whole lot of hope that this deal is going to get done quickly. Where is the urgency to get this deal done? The lack of urgency could be due to the fact that Larry Johnson missing training camp doesn't necessarily hurt the Chiefs right now. They can wait, evaluate the talent at RB and still be confident that the "down" time LJ is having isn't really downtime at all. Larry Johnson doesn't need to someone breathing down his neck to tell him to stay in shape. He stays in shape regardless, even hiring his own off season trainer Joe Carini. At the moment, I anticipate Larry Johnson and the Chiefs getting a deal done sometime during the preseason after both sides realize how truly important they are to each other.

Don't forget that Priest Holmes is expected to report to River Falls, WI, on Saturday. There are two good diaries written by Direckshun and mitchenator about Priest and the Chiefs' backfield. Herm had this to say about the Priest Holmes situation yesterday:

"He’s probably going to start on PUP (Physically Unable to Perform), so he won’t practice with us right away. His history of overcoming the odds are very good and he’s done that in the past earlier in his career. He’s a fantastic football player, a very good football player here, but he hasn’t played in two years and you have to keep that in mind and make sure you protect him. He understands that, we’re pulling for him to do it and we’re going to give him every opportunity to do it."

I will be checking the news as much as possible today and I'll throw any updates into this thread. The official River Falls Chiefs page is here (Updates here too). If I remember correctly, they had some pretty good pictures up last year.

Training camp has arrived Chiefs fans. Get excited.

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