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Carl Peterson Says the Kansas City Chiefs Will Fine Larry Johnson

Per the league rules, for everyday that Larry Johnson is not in training camp, the Chiefs can fine him. Carl Peterson, from the official site:

"I'm going to address this one time and one time only because I think that's all it necessitates. I'll give you both where we are with Larry Johnson and Dwayne Bowe, our number one draft choice. We have had conversation and will have continuing conversation with representatives of both players. The obvious is they're not here in training camp.

"The one player is without a contract - Dwayne Bowe - so he doesn't have to be here. The other player - Larry Johnson -- does have a contract for 2007 and he is supposed to be here. I'm sure the question will be asked and it is affirmative. We are going to be fining Larry $14,223 or whatever the amount is (by NFL rules) for every day he's not here."

Hardball, Carl Peterson style.

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