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If When Priest Holmes Comes Back for the Kansas City Chiefs...

Second to Nun Larry Johnson Michael Bennett (Photo source here)

Where does he fit in?

Warpaint Illustrated is reporting that pending clearance by the Kansas City Chiefs' medical staff, Priest Holmes will "show up sometime in the first three of four days of training camp next week."

Obviously, the Minister of Offense is not going to step in and be the Chiefs no. 1 running back. Also, I imagine that a healthy Michael Bennett would beat him out for the no. 2 spot. That essentially leaves Priest Holmes battling for the no. 3 spot between Kolby Smith and Derrick Ross. At the moment, it would appear that Kolby Smith has the slight edge to beat out Ross for the no. 3 spot. But throw Priest Holmes into the mix and what do we have?

If Holmes does end up reporting to River Falls next week, he'll more than likely, as WPI says, be a third down back type. In other words, a guy who is going to carry the ball less than 10 times a game and maybe have around 30 catches on the season.

As I and others have repeatedly mentioned before on this site, we would most certainly welcome a healthy Priest Holmes back into the Chiefs' fold. The guy is inevitably a ghost of his record breaking 2003 self. But I imagine that if he is healthy, Priest still has a few 40+ yard screen pass TDs and probably a thousand more yards in his system.

For now, we have to label this one as a rumor and wait for news to come.

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**UPDATE** Priest Holmes will report to River Falls on Saturday for the Kansas City Chiefs training camp. From the official site:

Peterson received a call from Todd France (Holmes’ representative) and indicated that Priest had made a decision that he wants to play for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2007. Peterson then received a phone call from Holmes in which he personally reiterated his intentions for 2007. The Chiefs then coordinated visits with the team’s orthopedic physicians and specialists in Miami. Everyone conferred following the examination and it was the opinion of the doctors that Priest could play NFL football in 2007.
Wow. I have to admit I'm a little surprised by this. Nevertheless, we welcome Priest Holmes back and wish him the best of luck. Pending his playing condition, the Chiefs more than likely just jumped to the no. 1 rushing attack in the NFL.

Herm Edwards seems to be a bit skeptical, at least for right now.

"At this point, we will need to proceed slowly to determine where he is from a health and conditioning standpoint. Hopefully, he’s able to come back and continue his career with the Chiefs. I believe Priest Holmes is a team guy and has indicated to me his desire to help this team. If he’s able to come back, he understands and accepts the fact that he would have a different role than when he was the starter. I look forward to monitoring his progress throughout training camp."
Before we get too excited, lets remember that Priest has yet to play a down in a year and a half, even in training camp. This is still a wait and see situation. Doesn't mean I'm not excited though...

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