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Morning Update (Escape from St. Louis Edition)

Training camp starts this Friday for the Kansas City Chiefs, so keep that in mind. The boys over at Arrowhead Addict will be heading up to River Falls, WI, and have listed the top reasons they're going. Somebody has to be the designated driver. Remember, Herm is a big tipper during training camp.

Anyone been up in the arch recently? I haven't been in probably close to 20 years, despite going to school in the concrete jungle for 4 years. The worst part about getting stuck in the arch for a few hours has to be listening to people talking about the 1999 Ram's Super Bowl win, "great" Italian food, the ****ing 1904 World's Fair and their love of the Cardinals. Because you know STL residents ride that damn thing all the time.

Alright, let me regroup after taking last week off (Thanks Direckshun!) and come back at you later today.

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