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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Reading Assignments

As we near the moment when the Kansas City Chiefs' training camp begins, it will be important to be well-versed in the Chiefs roster situation so you can sound smart around the water cooler/dorm room/friends/wife. Some are better than others but make sure you check out our reviews of almost all of the Chiefs' positions.

Offensive Line
Tight End
Defensive Line
Wide Receiver

The QB situation has been dealt with almost to death around here so we left that one out (Hint: It's going to be Brodie Croyle). And we didn't review the kicker/punter situation because we only have one player at each position. We've also put together a depth chart, posted the training camp schedule (via the Kansas City Star) and some possibilities of who will be on the practice squad this year.

If that isn't enough for you, check out the Kansas City Star's training camp breakdown and tell me if you learn anything new. We completely blew them out of the water on gathering info for training camp. It isn't even close.

Can you feel it? Training camp is almost here. I'm getting pumped.

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