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Some pretty interesting news surfaced over the past 24 hours heading into this weekend. I don't know exactly what the current flood of stories ties into more, maybe the fact that River Falls approacheth, or maybe to get irritating bloggers like us off the Chiefs' case for only having two of their seven picks signed this close to camp.

But let's go over it one by one. Open thread, give us your thoughts or any other rumors you've been privy to recently.

1. It's as official as it's ever been: LJ will not be reporting to camp. Not surprising, but this is a big problem for a team that, let's face it, is entirely reliant on him for success.

Report: Chiefs' Larry Johnson Refuses to Report to Camp

KANSAS CITY, MO. -- One day after Chiefs' Running Back Larry Johnson gave no hint to FOX 4 Sports as to whether he'll report to training camp next week in River Falls, is reporting that Johnson's mind is already made up, and he'll be a definite no-show.

The Chiefs leave for camp next Thursday. Their first workout is set for a week from this Friday.

LJ is set to make almost $2 million this season, and for a guy considered the second best back in the league that's called working cheap.

The Chiefs could elect to fine Johnson as much as $14,000 for each day of camp he misses.

FOX 4 will be in River Falls to let you know if Johnson shows up or what the Chiefs plan to do about his absence.

2. This next story is somewhat confusing. In case you don't keep up with every bit of news concerning the Broncos' secondary, backup S Sam Brandon has been suspended a couple games for violating the league's conduct policy. According to the Denver Post (emphasis ours):

Brandon's suspension could rekindle trade talks between the Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs regarding safety Greg Wesley.

Could. Doesn't mean are. But could. The KC Star reported weeks ago that the two clubs had agreed to terms and everything, with the only hold-up to the deal being done was the Chiefs feeling antsy about sending Wes to a hated rival.

Should we take Greg Wesley for a 5th, if that is indeed what they've settled on (the Broncos traded their 6th next year for Jimmy Kennedy)? I know I would. Might the trade "wake up" Wesley, foiling us in our head-to-head games? Maybe. But I'm of the philosophy that you worry about your team, not anybody else's, and I believe Wesley's time in KC is simply over.

3. OT Kyle Turley, in an interview with Hardcore Sports Radio, announced this week that as of Friday he would be resigning with the Chiefs:

In one of the most hardcore interviews that have appeared on Hardcore Sports Radio, Kyle Turley announced that he would sign a contract on Friday morning with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Of course, Friday has come and gone, and no word of the deal has been released on the Chiefs' page. So your guess is as good as mine.

No need to be all doomsday on this. Around the time we released him following the 2006 season, he was a scratch above 270 lbs, signed as a bizarre tight end experiment that landed him at LT and RT when Roaf retired, and with continual back problems.

Now? Well he recently worked out with the Chiefs, weighing in at his old playing weight of 300+ lbs. from when he was a good OT with the Saints.

Maybe some disagree with me, but I don't support this signing. Turley's not durable enough to prove he should start. Chris Terry is, and if he somehow goes down I think we'd be better served giving one of our young guys time (Svitek, Sampson, Taylor, or Pruneda) than putting in a veteran guy who hasn't proven much to this team (not to mention the added weight of yet another old guy in the twilight of his career).

I'd be open-minded to him competing in camp, but I would seriously prefer he not make the team.

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