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The Future Will Be Now... Eventually

Ha! You'll love this. has a three-round mock draft for 2008.

A bit presumptuous? Why, it's the very definition of presumptuous.

Walter & friends have determined that not only the Chiefs will have the 10th spot in the 2008 Draft, but they've determined what our first day picks will be, and oh yeah, go as far to suggest that 2007 "could be Jared Allen's last as a Chief," and therefore select a DE for us in the third.

And with the 10th pick of the 2008 NFL Draft, the Chiefs select:

10. Kansas City Chiefs: Sam Baker, OT, USC Will Kansas City finally come to its senses and realize it needs to draft some offensive linemen to replace the ones that retired? For the sake of Chiefs fans everywhere, I hope so.
42. Kansas City Chiefs: Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas Ty Law and Patrick Surtain aren't getting any younger. They'll be 34 and 32, respectively, once the 2008 season rolls around.
74. Kansas City Chiefs: Louis Holmes, DE, Arizona The 2007 season could be Jared Allen's last as a Chief. If Allen leaves, Kansas City will need to find a worthy substitute.

Why not.

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