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And the Dolphins have officially screwed themselves.

Not only did they lose a staring contest with Carl Peterson and likely coughed up a 4th rounder for Trent Green, they've now released QB Daunte Culpepper, who theoretically could have had significant trade value had they not practically declared the starting job to be Green's.

I'm thrilled we got this much value for Trent, as I didn't believe we'd be able to rustle up much of anything for him once he publicly committed himself to Miami.

Meanwhile, Miami gets absolutely nothing for Culpepper, who prior to his release had been barred from Dolpin practices, when prior to that he promised that Green would have to beat him to start at QB.

Where will he land, then? Jacksonville's been rumored to be interested in him. And what would be more ironic than Culpepper returning to the Vikings, the team with arguably the worst QB situation in the league? You couldn't invent better copy than that, although I guess I just did.

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