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Official Arrowhead Pride Offseason Depth Chart

We here at Arrowhead Pride like to think of our relationship with our loyal readers as a mutualist symbiosis, much like a cornstalk and a trellis of beans. (Love your Google, people.)

That said, while we do our best to actively present the bits and pieces of Chiefs information and conversation for you folks, we also have no qualms stealing your ideas and making them our own. What you may call "theft," we call "entirely-direct inspiration."

Our prolific diary guy and all-around main man Carl came up with a depth chart that, while not particularly deep at all, is still a football topic in the middle of July that we could kill time talking about while collectively waiting for River Falls to be upon us.

So what's Arrowhead Pride's official depth chart for the offseason, that is until we decide at any time to alter it? Onward!

GAME DAY DEPTH CHART -- 53 man roster

QB: Brodie Croyle, Damon Huard, Casey Printers

RB: Larry Johnson, Michael Bennett, Kolby Smith
FB: Kris Wilson, Boomer Grigsby

#1 WR: Eddie Kennison
#2 WR: Dwayne Bowe
#3/slot: Jeff Webb
#4/slot: Samie Parker
Reserve(s): Chris Hannon, Ean Randolph

TE: Tony Gonzales, Jason Dunn, Keith Willis, Kris Wilson

LT: Damion McIntosh, Will Svitek
LG: Brian Waters, Chris Bober
C: Casey Weigmann, Rudy Niswanger
RG: John Welbourne, Herb Taylor
RT: Chris Terry, Kevin Sampson

RDE: Jared Allen/Turk McBride for first 2 weeks
LDE: Tamba Hali
Rotational: Jimmy Wilkerson
Reserve DE(s): Turk McBride, Kendrell Bell

"Over" DT: Alphonso Boone, Tank Tyler, Ron Edwards
"Under" DT: James Reed, Turk McBride, Jimmy Wilkerson

WOLB: Donnie Edwards, Kendrell Bell
MLB: Napoleon Harris, Donnie Edwards, Nate Harris
SOLB: Derrick Johnson, Keyaron Fox

#1 CB: Ty Law
#2 CB: Patrick Surtain
NCB: Benny Sapp
Reserve(s): Michael Bragg

SS: Bernard Pollard, Greg Wesley
FS: Jarrad Page, John McGraw

K: Justin Medlock
P: Dustin Colquitt
LS: Jean-Philippe Darche
KR: Jeff Webb
PR: Ean Randolph

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