Chiefs Depth Chart: Begining of 2007 season


QB: This position is a toss up between Huard and Croyle. Croyle, the young gun from Alabama, has barely had any NFL expeience, but showed talent in college, we selected him with our second round pick in 2006.

RB: Larry Johnson would be our surefire RB in2007, but, he is having contract issues right now, so Michael Bennet would be a quality RB for a year or two.

WR: Eddie kennison will probably still be a considerable threat to the opposing defense, and Dwayne Bowe will probably start to help the WR core this year, because the rest of the WR have little talent with the exeption of Sammie Parker.

TE: Tony Gonzalez WILL have another Pro Bowl year, and Jason Dunn will continue to be the blocking TE, to help LJ run angry.

RT: kevin Sampson is the premiere choice for tackle, and the rest will have to compete for the other job.

G: With the retierment of Will Shields, others will have to step up into the Guard positions.

C: Casey Wiggamen is very underated, and has been very good at the center position for the past fe years

FB: Maybe Boomer Gribsy will play well at the FB position, and revieve LJs running attack from 2005.


MLB: Nappolean Harris has th lowest expectations of the linebacking crew but could revieve himself.

RLB: Donnie Edwards Is aging, but definety has talent, he could bring new life to the defense, or could show his age and fail

LLB: Derrick Johnson has somthing to prove this year, and could show that his talent in texas and Bukis Award were not undeserved.

DE: Despite Jared Allen's Suspension, tamba Hali and Jared Allen will destroy the offensive line for the etter part of the year.

DT: Three words, what a mess...

S: Page and Pollard showed so much potential last year, that they could be the main part of the Chiefs evolving Defense, and will defenitly lead the Defense in years to come.

CB: Ty Law is too old to be a star, and the other CB is defenitly a mystery.

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