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Oh how we've all missed Peter King.

Good news, chaps and lasses. Peter King hath returneth from his sabbatical, and doth come down thine mountain to inevitably share with us how many things are wrong with the Chiefs. His offseason power rankings have the Chiefs listed at #26.

You never disappoint, Petey.


"26. Kansas City: Having a great home field advantage, and a great back to milk that advantage, will help ... but only if the great back, Larry Johnson, is around for 16 games. A Johnson holdout is possible when the Chiefs hit River Falls, and it would be disastrous for a team with such a tenuous quarterback situation. Brodie Croyle? Damon Huard? Salts of the earth. But Croyle had better grow up fast and get some extra armor. Chicago and San Diego, both on the road, loom in September."

I've heard Huard and Croyle described as a lot of things both good and bad this offseason, but we've got a winner for style points, rooted in Biblical lore: SALTS OF THE EARTH.

I suppose it's not unreasonable ranking if I completely ignore the fact that we've revamped OL, added a stable of RBs behind LJ, resigned our Hall of Fame tight end, had a good draft that retooled our defensive line, fortified our linebacking corps, added two promising young gents at safety, and hopefully rectified our special teams.

26 out of 32 is a joke for this team. This team should at least be reasonably considered flirting with .500 this year.

But that's why we have the season. We have to do this every year -- King has us going 6-10 last year. No telling how we'll stack up now. I assume 4-12.

Check the link for the rest of the story. He has the Colts at #1, Pats #2, Chargers #3. The Broncos come in at #6. The Rams amazingly come in at #10. And once again, he has the Lions making the playoffs.

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