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Bob Gretz Definitely Reads Sports Blogs

As evidenced by this almost psychotic rant about Jason Whitlock, Kevin Kietzman and Jack Harry. Gretz employs an already classic style of blog post- the fictional conversation. Employed by many a blogger, even this one, the fictional conversation can be hilarious if used properly (See basically any post Kissing Suzy Kolber has ever done). But when you use the fictional conversation to vent about local Kansas City print, radio and television personalities, it misses its mark. Especially when the proper course of action would be to just ignore them. Acknowledging them gives even more power to their words. I give you a snippet of Bob Gretz's fictional conversation between JW, KK and JH and their counselor for "Carl Anonymous".

Counselor: Now, I want all of you to think about something and then tell me what you feel. Isn’t your hatred for Carl really based on the fact that he’s the biggest sports figure in this town and he doesn’t curry favor with any of you guys, thus making you irrelevant because you can’t hurt him, you have no influence on him and no relationship with him? Isn’t that really the root of your feelings, that impotent feeling that’s now dominating your life?

JW: I can’t believe you would say that. Nobody is bigger than me!

KK: You can say that…

JW: Listen you little Jo Co….

JH: See it’s all Carl’s fault. He’s the devil. He’s tearing our society apart. He’s tearing us apart. We all hate each other. We need to stick together an alliance.

Counselor: An alliance is not going to help you guys. You must rely on our 12 Steps of Carl Anonymous. Calm down and repeat after me, step No. 1.

JW/KK/JH: We admit we are powerless over Carl and that our lives are unmanageable.

Counselor: Good, now step No. 2

JW/KK/JH: We have come to believe that Carl is the power greater than ourselves.

Counselor: The next step …

JW/KK/JH: We want to turn our will and lives over to the care of Carl.

Bob, we get it. You don't like these guys. Just give it a rest already. You're only adding fuel to the fire and escalating a childish feud. The official Kansas City Chiefs web site is not the forum for ad hominem attacks. Feel free to come on here and attack all you want. I'll even give you your own user name...

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