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Arrowhead Pride Poll Results

Here are a few poll results since the draft that have had a significant amount of votes. The poll I'm most surprised about is the Huard v. Croyle poll, which I never thought would be that close. I figured Croyle would have at least a 10% lead but I guess thats why we have polls in the first place.

Very slow day today in the NFL, Chiefs and sports world in general. Unless of course you actually enjoy the MLB All-Star game. In the meantime, check out this interview with sports blog YouTube phenomenon Kige Ramsey over at Pacman Jonesin'. If you've never heard of Ramsey, lets just say he has an interesting take on sports and life in general and he's decided to broadcast that perspective all over YouTube. Adam at Pacman Jonesin' has links to everything Kige Ramsey you could ever want. Oddly enough, I was just watching some Kige Ramsey videos last night before this link came across my desk. The interview is definitely worth checking out in conjunction with some of Kige's videos.

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