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The Kansas City Chiefs and the Supplemental Draft

**NOTE** Supplemental draft updates here.

Georgia CB Paul Oliver is drawing attention from a few NFL teams this year. (Photo source here)
The NFL Supplemental Draft will be conducted (via e-mail no less) on Thursday, with only ten names entering the draft.

Instituted in 1977, the supplemental draft consists of players who did not enter the NFL draft because they had planned to play another year in college. Most of the time these players chose to enter the supplemental draft because of academic or discipline issues that did not allow them to continue their college career. In other words, most of these guys are screw ups who couldn't cut it in college and didn't realize the extent of their problems before the "real" NFL draft.

Only 34 players have been taken in the supplemental draft since its inception. Teams do not have to choose anyone in the supplemental draft but if they do choose to take someone, they forfeit a "real" draft pick in next year's draft. For example, if the Chiefs take CB Paul Oliver in the 3rd round in this year's supplemental draft, we give up our 3rd round pick in the "real" NFL draft next year. The team also has to include that draft pick's salary in their rookie salary pool. The rookie salary pool, like Len Pasquarelli said, is basically a salary cap within a salary cap. The pool caps the amount of money teams can spend on first year players.

There are three legit draftable prospects in this supplemental draft this year– Georgia CB Paul Oliver, Maryland OT Jared Gaither and Nebraska offensive lineman Chris Patrick. Word is that the Chargers are interested in Oliver as well. I'll focus on Oliver because he is the only player the Chiefs have apparently brought in for an interview and workout.

Georgia CB Paul Oliver's workout for NFL teams in mid-June didn't exactly go over well. Apparently, Oliver looked out of shape but for a good reason. It seems he was working to stay academically eligible for the 2007 Bulldog season right up until the very end. Standing 6 feet tall and weighing right around 200 pounds, says "his combination of ball skills and hands have intrigued a number of scouts." Oliver started 15 games in his college career and made a name for himself last fall with shutdown performances against Georgia Tech’s Calvin Johnson (two catches, 13 yards) and South Carolina’s Sydney Rice (three catches, 31 yards). Oliver's reasons for entering the supplemental draft appear to be entirely academic. NFL agent Jason Chayhut said, "The difference is that this guy has no holes in his character. Everyone in that program lives and dies for him."

Personally, I liken guys in the supplemental draft to Arena football players. While watching Arena football for the first time a few weeks ago, one of the announcers referred to one of the Colorado Crush's CBs as "The Glove". My buddy and I laughed out loud because if the CB was so damn good, he'd be in the NFL. The supplemental draft prospects are at the very least damaged goods. Are any of these three picks worth it? KC Chiefs Fanatic thinks Gaither and Oliver are worth a shot. I know these guys are possible "first round talent" next year but I'm skeptical of guys who can't keep it together in college. I don't expect the Chiefs to take anybody on Thursday and the list (after the jump) of all time supplemental draft prospects doesn't exactly make me excited for this draft. Paul Oliver seems to have the talent and work ethic (out of the classroom anyway) to at least have hope of making an impact in the NFL. The question is- Is Paul Oliver worth giving up a 2008 draft pick? A draft pick that could potentially be a high one as the Chiefs enter a rebuilding year? I like a lot of what I'm seeing in Paul Oliver but I think I'll err on the side of history here and advise the Kansas City Chiefs to pass on the supplemental draft.

Much more info in these links:

NFL Draft Scout (Very thorough by the way)

Wikipedia entry on the supplemental draft

Scouting reports for all eligible players

Year Position/Player Team Rnd
1977 RB Al Hunter Seahawks 4
1978 WR Johnnie Dirden Oilers 10
1978 RB Rod Connors 49ers 12
1979 RB Rod Stewart Bills 6
1980 LB Matthew Teague Falcons 7
1980 WR Billy Mullins Chargers 9
1981 QB Dave Wilson Saints 1
1981 WR Chy Davidson Patriots 11
1982 DB Kevin Robinson Lions 9
1984 OG Don Maggs Oilers 4
1985 QB Bernie Kosar Browns 1
1985 RB Roosevelt Snipes 49ers 8
1986 RB Charles Crawford Eagles 7
1987 LB Brian Bosworth Seahawks 1
1987 WR Cris Carter Eagles 4
1987 NT Dan Sileo Buccaneers 3
1988 WR Ryan Bethea Vikings 5
1989 QB Steve Walsh Cowboys 1
1989 QB Timm Rosenbach Cardinals 1
1989 RB Bobby Humphrey Broncos 1
1989 RB Mike Lowman Cowboys 12
1989 DB Brett Young Bills 8
1990 WR Rob Moore Jets 1
1990 TE Willie Williams Cardinals 9
1992 QB Dave Brown Giants 1
1992 DE Darren Mickell Chiefs 2
1994 DB Tito Wooten Giants 4
1994 TE John Davis Cowboys 5
1995 DT Darren Benson Cowboys 3
1998 OL Mike Wahle Packers 2
1998 DT Jamal Williams Chargers 2
1999 DB J’Juan Cherry Patriots 4
2002 OG Milford Brown Texans 6
2003 RB Tony Hollings Texans 2
2005 DT Manuel Wright Dolphins 5
2006 LB Ahmad Brooks Bengals 3

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