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Friday Update

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Christian Okoye: Pirate Master


  • What you are looking at above is true people. Christian Okoye has been set adrift on Pirate Master (Photo courtesy of I didn't actually watch the show on Weds but apparently Christian called for a mutiny against the captain and was shut down. Now the series is (more) worthless. Thats twice in a row that the person calling for the mutiny has been set adift. Oh well. Pirate Master was fun while Okoye lasted.

  • Safety Jerome Woods is retiring after signing a deal that will allow him to do so as a Chief. Woods was released about this time last year. Anybody who wants to can do a write up on Woods. [Phil from MVN has a Woods story here]

  • Chiefs Fanatic reviews two CBs that the Chiefs are interested in.

  • Via Chiefs Planet, we discover that there is a name the KC Brigade's mascot contest. The mascot is basically a Family Guy drawing with the Brigade logo on his sleeve. Weak!

  • Per Rotoworld, the Chiefs, Seahawks and Titans are after the Bear's defensive end Alex Brown.

The Alex Brown talk seems to be just in the "We heard that these teams may possibly be interested" phase. Nothing concrete has developed. On a rather interesting note, check out this article that is talking about a new type of mouthpiece that is supposed to relax an athlete's jaw. And a relaxed jaw, according to the article, is a suttle key to success of the world's best athletes.

Makkar's theory, one that has spawned the creation of an innovative, custom-moulded mouthpiece, is that if an athlete's lower jaw is in a relaxed position, slightly down and forward, it releases tension in the shoulders, neck and face. With the temporomandibular joint relaxed, posture is better, the windpipe is a little more opened up for oxygen and the athlete can actually recruit more strength and skills for the task at hand.
Damon Huard is apparently one of the procurers of this $1,600 mouthpiece. The evidence linking a relaxed jaw to a better performance is basically anecdotal but interesting nevertheless.
"Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever, stuck his tongue out as he was driving for the basket. By sticking his tongue out, he was putting his jaw in that relaxed position. It probably wasn't done consciously. It was something he just started doing at the age of 12 and it worked for him."
Finally, after all of these years, I've discovered whats been holding me back from true athletic greatness. Goodbye $1,600. Hello NBA...

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