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Morning Update (Competitor Edition)

  • Like it or not, Carl Peterson got the Phins to come to his side on the Green trade. Adam at Real Football 365 explains why we should all hail the King this off season. (Trent Green photo source here)

  • The Phinsider updates us on what is going to happen to Daunte Culpepper in wake of the MDTIH.

  • Brodie Croyle returns to Mobile, AL, at the end of the month to attend Kelli's (We're on a first name basis, okay?) Junior Miss fundraiser. Maybe we can help them out with their wedding registry considering nobody has bought anything and the wedding is a little more than a month away. Something tells me that they won't be hurting for presents though.

  • The Chiefs have agreed to a one-year contract with free agent S Chad Williams and to a two-year contract with rookie free agent DT Kiki Gonzalez.

  • Herm yesterday on Brodie Croyle:
    Q: Brodie’s real laid back, but do you anticipate he’ll take this situation in stride like he seems to take everything, or is that something you don’t know about yet?

    EDWARDS: "No, I like his demeanor. He comes across as laid back like he’s a Southern guy that’s just kind of been fishing all day. But he’s a competitor. He is a competitor. You are failing to realize something about this guy: this guy has dealt with a lot of adversity in his short college career. He’s had some hits and some knocks and been injured where a lot of guys wouldn’t have come back. This guy has battled through all that. This guy is a tough-minded guy. Damon Huard is a tough-minded guy.

  • I have to give some credit to Hashmarks, ESPN's new football blog written by Matt Mosley. Matt has been doing a pretty good job over there and I'm curious to see how long his "real" blog style can mesh with ESPN.

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