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Morning Update (Two Hard Knocks Edition)

  • I love this. Former Chiefs WR Johnnie Morton was knocked out within the first minute of his first MMA fight. Oh, and he refused to take the post fight urine test and lost his $100,000 paycheck. I long for the days when Johnnie Morton was just a creepy Chiefs player trying to pick up high school girls on the Plaza.

  • The Chiefs are rotating QBs throughout the off season with Trent Green (who else?) taking the snaps on Saturday when the Chiefs opened up practice for and hour and a half to the fans. Alas, I did not make it to the mini camp for a number of reasons. If you have some pictures you want to post, either start a diary (create an account first; its free and takes about 10 seconds to do) or send them to me at chiefssportsblognation AT

  • More of the usual talk about the QB situation from Herm Edwards, Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard over at the official Chiefs site.

  • As Arrowhead Addict noted, the Chiefs will be featured on the HBO reality show Hard Knocks: Training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs. The show will air on August 8th at 10 pm Central time. Should be pretty cool.

  • Jaxon from Cat Scratch Reader, our new Carolina Panthers blog, asks us about Sammy Knight in this diary.

Pretty standard stuff out of the mini camp over the weekend. Make sure you read those Q&As on the official site because they'll give you a decent overview of mini camp. I'll have a bit more detailed mini camp coverage later this morning.

**NOTE** Check out the Johnnie Morton fight here. The first 40 seconds, before Morton gets knocked out, really show the technique needed in those fights. Johnnie Morton did not have enough technique to keep from getting popped in the face and staying unconscious for longer than the fight lasted.

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