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Beating a Dead Horse

Are we going to have a whole summer of this conversation?

Herm Edwards on May 23rd:

Q: Do you think if he does stay with this team and goes to training camp is it equal competition between Brodie (Croyle), Trent and Damon (Huard)?

EDWARDS: "It’s equal competition at that position, at the wide receiver position, at the defensive line position – a lot of different positions we have to make some decisions on who are going to be our starters, who’s going to be the backup guys.

Herm Edwards after practice on Friday:
Q: So then it won't be weighted?

EDWARDS: "All I know we're going to be as fair as we can be. I think they all understand that."

Brodie Croyle on Sunday:
Q: Do you feel that the QB competition is weighted?

CROYLE: "We've basically had the exact same amount of repetitions the whole time. I'm going to get my shot, but at the same time I still have to earn it."

Damon Huard on Sunday:
Q: Is it a weighted competition or is it fair?

HUARD: "We are going to go out there and compete and may the best man win. I certainly think we have all gotten the reps. I don't know how the preseason game thing is going to work, but certainly we are all going to get our reps and get our work. At the end of the day I think they will make the right choice to whoever should start."

To all of the question askers at a Herm Edwards' press conference, the competition is not weighted. To all of the Chiefs' fans, the competition is weighted. Brodie Croyle is Herm's guy and Herm has made that clear up to the point of explicitly saying it. I mean, how is Brodie Croyle not our guy? Trent Green is gone and Huard is only relevant in a stop gap position. So to the media, if you get the chance to ask Chiefs players a question, don't ask them that one. Again.

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