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NFL Europa to Possibly End

You know how Kansas City Chiefs runningback Derrick Ross was the co-MVP of NFL Europa? Well, its seems very likely that there won't be a chance to do it again.

"We're not in a place, very frankly, where we're breaking even," [Chiefs GM Carl] Peterson said in an interview. He said NFL teams will be studying financial reports before making any decisions.
Basically, the six team league we've been talking about in connection with Derrick Ross doesn't make enough money. And, unfortunately, a league needs to make money to exist. PFT had an interesting snippet this morning in the rumor mill about developing a true NFL minor league system. The guys could play in the fall, which means that instead of standing around like bums waiting to get called up they would be playing games in full pads. Personally, I would take a minor league system over NFL Europa any day. European football just doesn't do it for me.

**UPDATE** NFL Europa is officially done. Hat tip to primetime07 in the comment section.

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