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Tony Gonzalez is Going to Get Formally Committed

Tony Gonzalez says I love you but you're not taking my money.

Tony G isn't getting married, but he is planning a "formal commitment ceremony" on July 20 in Huntington Beach, Calif., where he'll pledge his love to girlfriend October Russell.
Get this. Former Kansas City Chiefs FB Tony Richardson will oversee the ceremony. Its probably going to be like that Friends episode where, for some reason, Joey marries Chandler and Monica. Props to TG for saying no to the societal pressure of marriage. Kids, take note. Here is a man who has found a loophole in our social fabric (like the common law engagement). Or at least he somehow managed to keep a girl around without having to marry her. Being a future Hall of Fame NFL player probably helps with that.

Not everyone has kind words for TG though. From their comment section:

How retarded maybe this commitment will allow him to still prowl the plaza and pounce on the two dollar skags he frequents.
Damn. That was harsh. Can you imagine telling your girlfriend that your "engagement" was in the paper and then reading that right below it? A quick Google image search reveals the skanks in question.

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