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Another Premature Look at the Chiefs 2007 Schedule

I did this back in mid-April and predicted a 10-6 2007 season for the Chiefs. After the draft, a couple of signings, I think we're in a similar spot.

  • @ Houston - W
  • @ Chicago - L
  • Minnesota - W
  • @ San Diego - L
  • Jacksonville - W
  • Cincy - L
  • @ Oakland - W
  • Green Bay - W
  • Denver - W
  • @ Indy - L
  • Oakland - W
  • San Diego - L
  • @ Denver - L
  • Tennessee - W
  • @ Detroit - W
  • @ New York Jets - W
Okay so I didn't actually change anything from last time. We're up against more than a few teams that you could really pick either way. The Jets, Lions and Jacksonville especially are teams that are probably similar in overall skill level to the Chiefs. I gave us the win over Jacksonville because of the home field but like I said last time, the Chiefs could be sitting at 10-6 or 8-8 pretty easily. I really don't like finishing three out of the last four on the road, especially ending the season against Herm's old team. A lot of Jets fans still think Herm is an idiot which hopefully won't translate into a very hostile crowd. The only "sure" losses I'm willing to accept this year are Indy, San Diego both times and Denver at Invesco Field. Other than that, I think we have a decent chance of winning every other game. Now, we won't actually win every other game but at least we will contend. The 2006 and 2005 schedules especially were much tougher and had much bigger whales on them. Expect a rollercoaster this year.

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