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Positional Review: RB

# Name Pos Ht Wt Born Exp College Acquired
26 Michael Bennett RB 5-9 207 8/13/1978 7 Wisconsin T (NO)-06
31 Priest Holmes RB 5-9 213 10/7/1973 11 Texas UFA (BAL)-01
27 Larry Johnson RB 6-1 230 11/19/1979 5 Penn State D1-03
38 Marcus O'Keith RB 5-11 198 10/15/1983 R California CFA-07
39 Derrick Ross RB 5-10 226 12/29/1983 2 Tarleton State FA-06
21 Kolby Smith RB 5-11 219 12/15/1984 R Louisville D5a-07

In no particular order, we have the current crop of running backs that have stocked the Chiefs roster this summer. Before we delve into who goes where on the depth chart, I wanted to get one thing out of the way:

Priest Holmes is not coming back.

Do I know this for sure? No I do not. Do I hope that Priest could come back and play at a high level for the Chiefs? Of course. November 2005 will mark two years that Holmes has been out of football. As much as I admired Kyle Turley for attempting a comeback, its quite obvious from his attempt that "years" is entirely way too long to be removed from the game of football. I speculate that Holmes' prolonged stay in the IR has something to do with money but I'm not entirely sure. He's scheduled to earn $870,000 in 2007.

With or without Priest Holmes, the depth chart will still have Larry Johnson on the top of it. I think after that we have to throw a healthy Michael Bennett in at no. 2. After that, Marcus O'Keith will more than likely be on the practice squad at the no. 5 spot. The real question on the Chiefs RB depth chart is who will be no. 3, newly drafted Kolby Smith or NFL Europa (I hate that "a" on the end) MVP Derrick Ross?

The Chiefs have really taken a liking to Kolby Smith, who they just signed to a 3 year deal. But you can't deny Ross' "MVP" season either, whatever level it may have been accomplished at. Various people have mentioned that the Chiefs could be stock piling young RBs because they fear a holdout by Larry Johnson this summer. Another reason is because Michael Bennett has never been trusted by an NFL team to go the whole season. So the question of who the no. 3 guy should be is also a question of who can likely fill in at the no. 2 spot in 2007.

I previously mentioned that I figured Derrick Ross to be the no. 3 guy. After letting that thought digest and doing some more reading about Kolby Smith, I have to say that I am satisfied with either Ross or Smith at the no. 3 spot. I know. Its a cop out answer, right? I still haven't seen enough of these guys to say one way or the other.

I did enjoy this quote from Mike at Card Chronicle about Kolby Smith being drafted- "Smith caught everyone's attention as a sophomore with his dazzling runs during mop-up duty late in Louisville's many blowouts. Despite having a team loaded at running back with the likes of Eric Shelton, Lionel Gates and Michael Bush, coach Bobby Petrino said at the time that Smith was probably his most talented overall back."

If I had more knowledge of the level of competition at the NFL Europa level, I'd be more comfortable making a decision. Whoever the no. 3 RB for the Chiefs is, the battle will be fought in training camp in late July.

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