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Larry Johnson Says He's Prepared to Hold Out

In a multi-part interview with Jason Whitlock, Larry Johnson and his agent said they are prepared to hold out through the summer if Larry Johnson does not get a "fair market contract".

Do you think you will have to hold out?

"I've talked with Herm (Edwards) about it," Johnson replied. "Herm said he doesn't even know the money I'm asking for. He said he doesn't really care. He said I've done a lot in terms of OTAs (organized team activities) and minicamp to buy into the program. He said he'll talk with Carl and those things will get handled. It all depends on how the upstairs people play it."

I read the interview and I have to say that I'm not worried about Armageddon between LJ, his agent and Carl Peterson. I believe they will get a deal done and it won't be one of those huge contracts that everyone is saying LJ will demand. His agent said:
"The point I'd like to get out," Keels said, "is that if we were to have to hold out, it would be for the sake of good business, not being greedy. I think the picture that is being painted right now in the eyes of the fans is that we're coming into this negotiation being greedy. It's not good business for a player who rushes the ball 416 times in a season, back-to-back Pro Bowl seasons, back-to-back 1,700-yard seasons, back-to-back broken Kansas City Chiefs records, it's not good business for him to come back in and play for $1.7 million. And that's a sensitive area because $1.7 million is a lot more than most people in Kansas City make."

LJ's agent Alvin Keels also said, "Previous reports of what we are asking for have been a bit misleading. I have heard reports that we are seeking an eight-year deal worth as much as $80 to $90 million or as much guaranteed money as Peyton Manning. Without getting into any specific details, this is not the case." I wonder who was pushing those rumors. The man sitting across from them?

The rest of the interview went like this:

Whitlock: Say man, when are we going to hang out with Jay-Z?

LJ: Move out of Kansas, stop hanging out with Oprah and you'll get closer to being legit Jason. Don't worry about the black community not accepting you.

Whitlock: Can we PLEASE call up Jay-Z? PLEASE?

LJ: Yo! Thats MY burger! And my hand! And my sleeve!

[Whitlock slowly hands LJ back the burger, pulls LJ's sleeve out his mouth, all the while looking like a timid kitten]

Whitlock: Sorry man. It won't happen again. So we can't call up Jay-Z?

LJ: I'm telling you. Jay-Z doesn't want to chill with you. He doesn't appreciate being blamed for black America's problems and then being asked to chill. It doesn't work like that.

Whitlock: You sure? I've got some pretty hot beats in my head. The beats conincide with the chewing sound I hear. CHOMP CHOMP GULP. CHOMP CHOMP GULP. That shit is hot. You don't think I know rap music?

[LJ looks around, looks at his agent.]

LJ: We about ready to roll?

Agent: Whitlock is using us for street cred again. Lets get the hell out of here.

LJ: Hey Jason, maybe we'll...uhh...catch you later?

Whitlock: I guess. You mind if I just fill the interview in with obligatory references to race and include some Carl Peterson insults?

[Like a slower Jabba the Hut, Whitlock licks his chops and moves his hands towards LJ]

LJ: Get your damn hand out of my back pocket! Didn't you hear? I'm saving money son!

Whitlock: Whoops. Sorry LJ. Before you go, can I get Jay-Z's number?

This bit of news that LJ is preparing for a possible hold out is a bit unnerving for Chief fans. Regardless, there are still negotiations to be had with Carl Peterson and the Chiefs. The real story will be the tone of those negotiations.

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