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Even Damon Huard Knows Brodie Croyle is the Man

Is Brodie Croyle the Chiefs starting quarterback? The writing is on the wall (Photo source here). With Trent Green gone and no other viable franchise QB on the horizon, Croyle seems to be gaining the respect of the coaches and teammates. Despite Herm Edwards' comments that the QB competition is open and may the best man win, even Damon Huard seems to be accepting his fate.

Q: Trent Green didn't feel like he'd have a fair shot at winning the job. Do you feel that way?

HUARD: "I don't feel that way. From a reps standpoint we've all gotten the same reps. Everyone would love to find a young quarterback who can be your staple for the next 10 years. Might everyone be rooting for the young guy to win? Maybe in some ways, but this old guy will go out there and compete, too."

I feel a bit sorry for Damon Huard. He came in last year and played fabulous for a journeyman backup. You know as the season wore down that he was dreaming about the starting QB job in 2007. True to form though, Damon Huard is stepping back and accepting the reality of the situation. No drama or public press conferences from Damon. He is, after all, a backup QB and no more.

**NOTE** The Extrapolator defends Brodie Croyle against the Peter King QB rankings in a fantastic article. Best analysis: "If [Larry Johnson] he’s worked on his blitz pick-ups, he’ll be Croyle’s greatest asset."

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