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Ean Randolph in at Punt Returner

In an interview with Herm Edwards, the head coach points to Ean Randolph as our new Dante Hall.

Q: What about your return game? You've got some candidates but do you have some concerns?

EDWARDS: "The kid we've got from South Florida, Ean Randolph, is a guy that we like. I think he can be a good punt returner. Now, he hasn't done it on this level yet. We've got kickoff return guys. I don't worry about that too much. I think you put Jeff Webb back there with some other candidates we'll be fine.

"But the punt return we're looking at. We signed a free agent [Randolph] who we liked what he could do in college and we're hopeful he can do it on this level."

Q: Randolph is first in line?

EDWARDS: "Absolutely, absolutely."

I think we're all excited to see what he can do. At 5-9 and 175 lbs., he's not too different from Dante Hall's frame. Except that surprisingly Dante Hall has almost 15 pounds on Randolph.

Other news and notes from the last day of OTAs include the Chiefs are still looking to bring in another corner and apparently Boomer Grigsby has bulked up for his move to fullback. Herm's off season comments can be reduced to this:

We're getting younger.

We like competition at certain positions.

Most of these guys are new so they're still adjusting.

Thats it for Chiefs practices until training camp begins in River Falls, WI, on July 27th.

When does Hard Knocks start again?

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