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My Top 10 Chiefs Players Right Now

The following is a list of the most talented players currently on the Kansas City Chiefs roster. Try this list yourself in the comment section. Our laundry list of extremely skilled players of the last 5 years or so has dwindled mightily.

1. Larry Johnson - Really, who else would be here?

2. Jared Allen - Jared has the ability to bring the Chiefs back to defensive dominance.

3. Brian Waters - Pro Bowls in 2004, 2005 and 2006 show how seriously good he is. One of the last remaining vestiges of a great offensive line.

4. Tony Gonzalez - Still one of the top two tight ends in the league. Still our main receiving threat.

5. Donnie Edwards - At age 34, he may not be on this list much longer but Edwards is a guy we should have never let go to San Diego. Only one of nine NFL players in history to have 20 sacks and 20 INTs.

6. Tamba Hali - 8 sacks in his rookie year and he's only going to get better. Again, another player who can help bring the defense back to dominance.

7. Dustin Colquitt - When your punter's name is thrown around as the "best player on the team", he deserves at least a 7 spot. When the offense can't get it done, I'm feeling comfortable that a combo of Colquitt and the "new" defense will.

8. Derrick Johnson - Still a lot to prove but he has the speed to aid what will be the best linebacking corp in the league.

9. Bernard Pollard - Been impressed with him since day one. One more piece of the defensive puzzle.

10. Honestly, I don't know who to put in this last spot. Nobody really stands out over the remaining roster members. Thoughts?

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