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Kansas City Loves an Underdog

This morning, Peter King ranked the NFL starting QBs from 1 to 32. Brodie Croyle came in at no. 32. Am I surprised? Nope. Am I worried? Nope.

Rank Player Team Wins Playoff wins Yds/Att. Pct. Yards TD/INT Ratio Rush Yds. Intang. Age
32 B. Croyle KC 0 0 3.29 0.429 23 -2 -3 6 24

The bottom six in the rankings include Rex Grossman, Byron Leftwich, Josh McCown, Tarvaris Jackson, Charlie Frye and Brodie Croyle. Injuries aside, Leftwich is maybe the only guy I would take over Croyle right now. Leftwich has been in the league 5 years though, which makes our current situation in KC not that relevant to having him. Croyle is at the bottom of this list in a lot of numbers- age, starts, attempts and games played.

My point is he's newest guy on the list. New guys don't have big numbers let alone any numbers. I hope this list doesn't start putting ideas in the heads of non Chief fans. Croyle is last for a reason- the Chiefs are going to be starting over at the quarterback position. If the Royals are any indication, Kansas City is willing to support the underdog.