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Flawed Logic

Rufus Dawes, while unnecessarily verbose (and whats with the pseudonym by the way?), consistently writes competent and interesting articles. In his most recent article, he responds to a fan's e-mail that Carl Peterson needs to leave the Kansas City Chiefs. The e-mail sent in is pretty much your standard KC "I hate King Carl" e-mail that provides little to no arguments on why Carl Peterson specifically should be blamed for the Chiefs lack of a Super Bowl win (or as Jonathan Rand likes to put it, lack of more playoff appearences).

While I generally agree with Dawes on his conclusion that ad hominem attacks on Carl Peterson are unwarranted and don't advance the debate, I can't get behind him when he defends Carl Peterson like this:

Peterson's record in playoff appearances as a controlling GM, while not enough for this fellow, still rank second among GM's operating in the league today.

Rufus, Carl Peterson is also, by far, the longest tenured GM in the league. So its not fair to compare specific numbers, just percentages. Using Dawes' logic, the Bengals are a better franchise than the Jaguars because they have more playoff wins. Well, the Jags have only been around since 1995, compared to the Bengals who have been around since 1968.

The carousel of writers on that constantly espouse Carl Peterson's desire for winning over putting fans in the seats need only to look to Carl Peterson's bio page on The only graphic in it:

You said it Carl Peterson, not me.

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