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Morning Update (Steroids Edition)

Just found this ESPN poll about the best AFC teams. Vote here. The Chiefs are in 4th place in each of the three questions as of this morning.

  • The Chiefs signed former Saluki WR Brent Little to a two year contract. Here is a little bio on the former Poplar Bluff, MO, standout.

  • Joe Posnanski asks: Is it fair to boo your own team?

  • Despite lacking skill, I like Casey Printers' attitude. Printers says, "If I told you my goals, you probably wouldn’t believe them. So I’ll save them for the appropriate time."

  • Generally, when someone refuses to take a drug test after a fight, they're guilty of something. And it appears that Johnnie Morton tested positive for steroids after getting his ass kicked in less than a minute in his first MMA fight. I'm going to look into performance enhancing touchdown dances after this report.

  • I've been neglecting this so make sure you check out the media coverage edition of the Small Market Roundtable.

  • Good diary from Royals Review on Cardinal fan steretypes. Love this one: "obsessed with St Louis being a more respected city on the east coast than KC."
So a couple of days ago I randomly came across the Chiefs media site where members of the press can log in and presumably get more inside information than I ever have from the organization. I decided to find a Chiefs PR department contact (not easy by the way) and e-mail him a request to be able to log in to the Chiefs media site. Knowing what chance I had (zero), I wasn't surprised by the results. The Chiefs do not recognize blogs as a legitimate enough form of media to grant credentials. Its too bad, not just for me, but for the Chiefs as a whole. Just as an example, check out the Denver Broncos blog page, which features Andrew Mason who does a hell of a job. Its a great blog with fantastic pictures and unrestricted access to the players. How many of you would read an official Chiefs blog like that? I'm sure more than a few.

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