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OTA Update

The Chiefs are in OTA's this week until tomorrow. Here are a few updates from Herm:

Q: Is Dwayne Bowe OK?

EDWARDS: "Yeah, he's got a little bit of a hamstring, so we've kept him out. There are a couple of guys nicked that way. Kolby Smith has a hamstring, so we're kind of keeping those guys away from practice."

Hoping this is just part of Bowe adjusting to a pro workout.
Q: I know it's very early but how would you assess the QB competition between Huard and Croyle?

EDWARDS: "It's still good. I think Damon's playing well and Brodie's doing a good job of handling things. Printers is the third guy and he's improved a whole lot from last year. As you look at it he was basically our quarterback the whole pre-season. Some guys got nicked and all of a sudden he played the whole pre-season. To his credit, he's gotten a lot better. I just think that that position is one that will continue to be competitive."

Come on Herm. Loosen up a bit and give us a good quote.
Q: How's Boomer Grigsby doing at fullback?

EDWARDS: "Boomer's doing good; he really is. Probably the most improved player is Boomer. You're talking about a guy who played linebacker and now plays fullback. He's caught the ball a lot better than people anticipated. Now, it's just a matter if he can block. It won't be courage, it'll be because he hasn't done it. He'll have to learn that and if he does...he's 255 pounds and is all solid, got a haircut and is walking around with his playbook. (laughs) He looks amazing."

For a position that was in flux last year, its good to hear Grigsby could be a solid starter for the Chiefs.
Q: What's the most noteworthy change in Brodie this year?

EDWARDS: "Confidence and he's getting some quality reps with the first group. That helps you when you're in there with first guys and the offensive line especially. He's a year into the system now and we're playing to his strengths. You know he has a very good arm and good composure in the pocket. But he has to see things and the only way you do that is to play. That's what happens to young guys. If you don't give them an opportunity to play they don't get experience.

It's like anything else. When you go looking for a job the first thing a guy tells you is you don't have any experience. Well, until you let the guy play he's not going to have any experience, so we have to get these guys playing early and being developed."

Thats what I'm looking for. Herm is finally allowed, after Trent has left, to be just a bit more transparent about his love for Brodie Croyle. Play him coach.

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