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Trent Green Loves Miami...and $6 Million

Carl Peterson demanded "starting QB type compensation" for Trent Green, despite the Dolphin's initial attempts to grab Green for a 7th rounder. Again, why you ask? Because Miami does consider Trent a starting QB because they are paying him as if he was. From Peter King:

He'll make $6 million this year, with an extra $2.45 million in incentives based on the Dolphins going far into the playoffs and Green playing at least 75 percent of the snaps.

Here's an interesting fact: Green will be cheaper than Culpepper would have been, had the Dolphins chose to stick with the former Vike. This year, minus incentives, Green's $6 million is $500,000 less than what Culpepper was set to make. And over the three years of Green's contract, if he stays, he'll make $13.5 million; Culpepper would have made $17.5 million.

If I was going to get paid $6 million if I went to Miami, I would be pretty impatient to get out of Kansas City too. I mean come on Miami. You're going to give us shit for not taking Trent Green for a 7th round pick when you're willing to pay him $6 million? Something doesn't add up here.

Also keep in mind that the only thing holding up the deal was deciding what draft pick the Dolphins would give up. That means that the $6 million deal was in place long before the trade actually happened, which means that Carl Peterson knew what Trent Green was going to get paid. Knowing that Green was getting starter money, Carl demanded starter compensation.

I'm not blaming Trent Green here. He's covering his own butt, which I would be doing if I was in his position. But don't give us this "My family needs to be settled so my kids can adjust to their new school" speech when you just wanted that $6 million. And to think that I actually believed that Miami was only looking to pay Trent just above the league minimum.

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