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Tony Gonzalez and Oprah Together at Last

From our main man Rick Dean at the Topeka Capital Journal, we discover that Tony Gonzalez will be one of the judge's in an Oprah-created reality TV show. Whaaa? Who? Come again? Yeah its true.

The show is called "Oprah Winfrey's The Big Give.'' Produced by Oprah's Harpo Productions for ABC prime time, it's an "Apprentice'' style program in which 10 contestants are given money and resources to benefit people in need. The list is reduced each week until one last humanitarian remains.

Gonzalez joins with Malaak Rock, wife of comedian Chris, and Jamie Oliver, better known as The Naked Chef, in judging the effectiveness of their efforts. Oprah reportedly will play some role in the eight-week series.

I don't know about you but I can't imagine TG being mean to anyone. Especially a show where people do great things for other people and then you have to decide which one did it the worst. Isn't this show doomed from the start when you have to vote off people who give back to others in a less effective way than other contestants? Newsflash to ABC: Charity does not play by the same rules as business. People who give to charity should be rewarded, not kicked off another offshoot of Oprah's ego.

Note: Sorry for the bad joke in the caption. I feel even sorrier for you if you actually got it.

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