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Casey Printers No Longer has a Web site

Casey Printers (who we've discussed here and here and here) used to have a snazzy website at It had some modeling photos (and a modeling reel hyperlink that linked to NOTHING) and some general feel good stuff about Casey.

Having been presented an opportunity at such an early age, Casey believes that God has completely orchestrated his life from the womb to his journey as a professional quarterback in the Canadian Football League.

And this:
From little league to high school to college and now to the professionals, Printers has always left his mark when given an opportunity. Casey is known for raising the bar with superstar attributes. He began setting and breaking records as a High School and College Quarterback. He lead his college team, the TCU Horn Frogs to three straight bowl games under Coach Dennis Franchione.
Basically, it was a site for a CFL player trying to enter the big leages. It pumped up Casey from grade school on.

On one of my infrequent visits to, I discovered that Casey let his domain name expire and now it appears that the site is an ad for defense attorneys. Does Casey think he's made it and no longers needs a promotional web site? Nah. I think his management company is just lazy and let his crappy web site expire because it was embarassing.

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