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Morning Update (Blogs Only Edition)

I could really care less about the Michael Vick situation, aside from the possible (note: possible here means "not possible") addition of Trent Green to the Falcons over Vick's indiscretions. Let the investigation pan out and then deal with the consequences. Vick is either an unlucky guy or one of the stupidest players in the NFL. You have to be stupid to hide something "secret" in something else you can't even take on a plane. People have breezed over how stupid you have to be to do that. You have to be incredibly irresponsible/idiotic/moronic to do such a thing.

Last call to let us know if you'll be at the Chiefs mini camp tomorrow. I still need to grab a ticket so if anyone who has gotten a ticket can fill us in, that would be great. I'm guessing you just go into any Arby's and they give you one free? Let us know if you can.

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