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Dolphins Up Offer (Slightly) for Trent Green

The Miami Dolphins are now offering a 6th round pick that could turn into a 5th round pick if certain, undisclosed measures are reached. Carl Peterson is still sitting firm on a 4th round pick.

Looks like the Dolphins blinked first but they barely blinked at all. Without knowing the conditions of when the pick could turn into a 5th round pick leaves us in the dark as to whether or not this is a substantially better deal. I understand at this point that even the difference between a 4th round pick and a 6th round pick is neglible but I am on the "wait them out" bandwagon. Carl Peterson has already gotten the Dolphins to drop (potentially) 2 rounds from their initial 7th round offer.

Trent Green will be a Dolphin. Now that the Dolphins have flinched, we might as well see how long they'll wait before they offer us a conditional 4th rounder. I could really care less what draft pick we do end up getting for Trent Green. If it has to be that way, a conditional 5th round pick is enough for me to end the Most Delayed Trade in History.

**NOTE** Did anyone else catch the Cavs. Pistons game last night? LeBron James put on one of the greatest playoff performances, if not the greatest, I've ever seen.