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Morning Update

  • Arrowhead Addict has the first shots of Dwayne Bowe in a Chiefs uniform.

  • Chiefs Fanatic says the Chiefs need to rebuild.

  • Comment from Royal's Review: "It would just be nice to get back to, uh, .400."

  • Are we ever going to have a discussion on comparing TO to Dwayne Bowe? I think they're pretty similar on the field players. We also need to settle on a nickname for our first round pick. I've heard D Bo but thats about it. I know we can get more creative than that. Besides, Kansas City  has already had a Bo to call our own.

  • Check out this article on NFL player's wives. By the way, its obvious from the picture that Kurt Warner was definitely not famous before he met his wife (Hat tip to Chiefs Planet).
Its definitely starting to get hotter in Kansas City. Which makes me wonder what the temperature is like in River Falls, WI, where the Chief's training camp is. Anybody ever been? I could be interested in heading up there for a few days to grab some pictures and make a mini vacation out of it. If you're heading from KC, River Falls is only about 450 miles or so. Its definitely doable.

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