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From the comment section of Real Football 365:

yea great job casino men. you got no daunte hall, larry johnson wants out, no ryan sims (who only had 6 more sacks in his career then me), and you got no oline at all, ITS WORSE THEN OURS! and no matter how many FORMER pro bowl players you sign on d, you'll still never crack the top 20, we were #3 defense in the league, and you'll be seeing a lot of Mr. JaMarcus Russell. he will obliterate your entire defense. try to tackle him with soft derrick johnson, he'll get rolled on, just like your little tamba will too. i cant wait to see that stupid wolf thing you have for a mascot get jolted in his head by a Russell bazooka pass. real nice draft picks! LOLOLOLOL losers
Wow. Do people really call the Chiefs "casino men"? I have not heard that one yet. By the way, thats Adam from Arrowhead Addict doing some Chiefs writing over at Real Football 365. The guy is EVERYWHERE.

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