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Morning Update

  • For a little local flair this morning, check out some reading on MU WR Brad Ekwerekwu, who the Chiefs signed yesterday as an undrafted free agent. Read his bio and here are his stats which aren't incredible but certainly not bad for an UDFA. And if you go by a mock draft based on Scrabble, Brad goes in the second round.

  • In a shameless use of sex to gain readership, the Sports Guru at the Mile High Report will be interviewing a Denver Broncos cheerleader in a few days. I'll be keeping an eye on MHR (and reading it too).

  • This story is about a week old but I think its important to get saint's from Silver and Black Pride input on the Randy Moss trade. I think all Chiefs fans knew that if Moss wanted to/was healthy, he could have torched us for a lot more than he did.

  • For whatever reason, it seems to be the season for police checkpoints and general traffic crackdowns. Please do not drink and drive. To sober you up (if you are indeed drunk at this hour), check out these various drunk driving threads over at Chiefs Planet to give you a little perspective. Here's one and here's another.

  • Bolt Hype talks about new Charger's head coach Norv Turner and the player's confidence in him.

  • Chiefs Fanatic would welcome Priest Holmes back with open arms. I'll rephrase it a bit and say I would welcome a healthy Priest Holmes back with open arms.

Now there's an off season morning update to hang your hat on. The only reason I mention the DUI thing is because there was a police checkpoint right by my house this weekend and I thought of how easily any of my friends could have "driven a couple of blocks" to another friend's house and gotten pulled over just for going the wrong way at the wrong time. Lesson learned. Cabs are cheaper than DUIs.

About this time last year, I was about a month into writing for the newly created (and now defunct) Tomahawk blog. If you go to Royal's Review, you can still see the old link to the Tomahawk blog in the right sidebar. I still have to give RR props for linking to me way back in the day. Obviously, the Tomahawk blog was about the Chiefs. My friends and family laughed when I said I was starting a Chiefs blog but look at me now. Tens of dollars later and hundreds and hundreds of hours put into this blog, I have to say it was worth it.

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