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Morning Update

  • Priest Holmes was inducted into the Texas Football Hall of Fame last Friday. Holmes is still unsure about a return to football but when asked about the team's feelings on it he said, "But the Chiefs haven't put any pressure on me to make a decision. In fact, they've told me, 'The key is underneath the mat whenever you are ready to return.'" Where have we heard that before?

  • Arrowhead Addict explains why newly drafted RB/FB Kolby Smith will get some playing time in '07.

  • Chiefs Fanatic takes stock of the Chiefs after the draft.

I'm not really in the mood to weigh in on Trent Green on 810 Sports radio last Friday because he really didn't say anything new. He just rehashed the situation we all know in different words. This rain is killing us here in KC, isn't it?

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