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Christian Okoye Makes His Comeback Tonight

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Don't forget that everyone's favorite Nigerian immigrant and former Chiefs RB great Christian Okoye is one of 16 people who will sail around the Caribbean in search of a hidden treasure worth $1 million. The website for this CBS show is ridiculous. You can check out the Pirate wiki or speculate about the strategy of cast members. Probably the worst part of the site is the fact that everyone who comments feels the need to speak in pirate talk. Its get old just as quickly as you think it would. In fact, there appears to be a pirate "purist" of sorts on the message board:

Yarrr.. all be wastin u're time watchin this Survivor rip off... t just cashin in on the popularity of the POTC movies and us real pyrates out there... if yarr all wanna see REAL pyrates... visit PIP or PyrateCon... if this were a show that cast REALISTIC pyrate-types and had a real treasure hunt goin on... it certainly wouldn't be pretty..... this was originally advertised as period ... ship food clothing etc.. I've never known pyrates in the GAP to be sportin bikinis.... or...
Here's what they have to say about our favorite cast member:
pirateboo, Ahoy matey, I just told my husband that Christian is on Pirate Master and he said exactly what you said .... I've read that Christian is a big friendly guy... everybody loves him "but perhaps they should fear him"............LOL cause they just might have to walk the plank so don't let me down Christian.
Apparently, corporate news station message boards aren't the bastion of intellectual thought I believed them to be.
Christian - that's some SERIOUS brawn, there!
Dare I say live-blog the premiere episode of Pirate Master? I just may have to.

**NOTE** Live blogging the show Pirate Master would have been a horrible idea. Christian Okoye didn't say a word but he's still on for next week. He may just slip by enough weeks to keep me interested in this damn show.

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