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Morning Update (Derrick Johnson's Bike Edition)

  • Adam from Arrowhead Addict has all of the info on the Chiefs RBs at Real Football 365.

  • Nick Reid, Chiefs LB in NFL Europe, was named NFL Europe Defensive Player of the Week. And they used that word "allocated" again.

  • Something to note: The Dolphins signed QB Cleo Lemon to a one year deal on Tuesday.

  • Wow. You can buy Derrick Johnson's Beach Cruiser for $700 at the Chiefs Pro Shop. The site says:
    Chiefs standout LB Derrick Johnson used this TREK Beachcruiser as his sole means of transportation at the 2006 Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp in River Falls, Wisconsin. Whether it was riding to meetings, meals or practice, Derrick pedaled his way there on this specially-designed Chiefs model that has been hand signed by Derrick. The bike also features a Chiefs logo and Derrick’s name in script, making it the perfect gift for any Chiefs fan and/or cyclist.
    Could be cool if the bike didn't look like a 10 year old owned it (Thanks to the KC Star message board for the link).
I don't really see a problem with a used bike but Derrick Johnson was sweating his ass off I bet in the summer during training camp. That has to weigh heavily on the decision to get such a bike. If you do end up purchasing that bike, please let us know. So we can make fun of you on this blog. Ironic, I know.

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