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Trent Green Saga Timeline

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Damon Huard signs a 3 year deal. "This makes so much sense for me," Huard said. "I already know the system. I love the city."


This day's meeting between Trent Green and Carl Peterson results in CP asking Trent to restructure his contract. Before anything is finalized, Trent asks for and is granted a request to seek a trade. "The Chiefs have offered Trent the opportunity to remain with the organization with a restructured contract. However, before any decisions are finalized, the Chiefs have agreed to Trent's request to allow him to explore other potential opportunities in the National Football League. We will continue to work in unison toward a resolution that will be acceptable to all parties." The Dolphins are one of the first suitors for Trent Green.


The Trent Green to Miami rumors begin to gain traction. "A source said Wednesday that the Dolphins are working on a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs that might bring Trent Green to Miami as soon as this week." Remember that.


A memo from the Chiefs says that a trade for Trent Green is open to everyone except the AFC West.


In what will become a recurring theme, Herm Edwards says that the QB position is an open competition. "It's going to be open for competition and that's what's good about it. If QB Trent Green decides to come back, it's going to be the same three guys and they are going to compete. You have to leave it at that; let them compete for the position and see who wins out."


The Dolphins initial giddiness has worn off and they say they will probably wait until draft time to work out a deal. The Vikings were still interested at this time as well.


Trent Green's agent says that the Trent to Miami deal is slow moving. After only two weeks! If he only knew...


Before draft picks were the controversy, Trent Green still had contract issues to work out with the Dolphins.


Trent Green gets his contract done but the Chiefs are holding up the deal because of the draft picks Miami wants to trade for. And suddenly, Kansas City sports writer's jobs become horribly repetitive.


The Detroit Lion's president Matt Millen expresses interest in Trent Green.


The Cleveland Browns GM Phil Savage approaches Carl Peterson at the owners meeting, expressing interest in Trent Green. Carl said, "Cleveland would make sense to me because Trent played very well against them last year."


Many outlets are reporting that a pre-draft deal for Trent Green to Miami for a draft pick/s is imminent. The widespread use of the word imminent in relation to this trade causes a huge upswing in thesaurus sales (Okay, that was a pretty stupid joke).


Marty Booker is on the trading block for the Dolphins, which prompts some of us to speculate that he could be involved in a trade for Trent Green.


The Dolphins offer the Chiefs a 6th round pick for Trent Green but Carl Peterson declines.


The draft comes and goes with no deal for Trent. The Dolphins draft BYU quarterback John Beck in the second round.


Trent Green expresses his frustration via a few KC radio stations. He repeatedly states that he has taken care of his end of the deal- found a team and negotiated a contract- but the Chiefs are failing on their end of the bargain. He would like to get to Miami sooner rather than later, frequently citing a need to get his family settled before the season. The Dolphins have offered a 7th round pick then a 6th round pick for Trent Green officially, which Carl Peterson has obviously declined. As of May 23rd, this deal is at a standstill. Neither side will give an inch so we're stuck in limbo. Talks have gone from stalling to basically non-existent at this point.

I wouldn't be surprised if I left something out so feel free to point out any errors/omissions. By the way, that was very cathartic. I just had to lay it all out.

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