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Morning Update

  • Lost among all the hoopla of the Trent Green "press conference" yesterday was that former Chiefs Eric Hicks signed with the New York Jets.  Drop by NY Landing Strip to talk about Hicks.

  • Arrowhead Addict rails on Jason Whitlock and says that Carl Peterson is doing the exact right thing with Trent Green.

  • Chiefs Blitz explores the competition at various positions on the Chiefs roster.

  • Chiefs Fanatic says that Trent Green should be kicking Dolphins GM Randy Mueller in the butt to get this trade done.

  • One of the more ridiculous articles about Trent Green can be found here (Hint: Its about trading Chad Pennington for Trent Green).

  • swift347 brings up Priest Holmes' name in this diary.

There was a flurry of activity around the newswire yesterday about a Trent Green press conference that, to loyal readers of this blog, didn't really reveal anything new at all. Trent is frustrated? Heard that. He expects to be in Miami before the season? Yep, heard that too. Why are sports writers and Sportscenter covering this? I'm not too sure. Maybe because it was billed as a "press conference" so media types naturally flocked to it. Whatever the reason, yesterday Trent Green simply said what he's been saying and what we've been talking about in different words. I think part of his motivation for taking his comments so public like that is to put even more heat on Carl Peterson to finish this deal. The general impression around the country seems to be that Carl Peterson is a huge jerk. If I have to take sides here, I have to side with Carl Peterson. He didn't feel that what was offered by the Dolphins was fair market value for Trent Green so he didn't make the trade. That simple. Now, it could get worse for Carl Peterson depending on how long this drags out. But for now, I'm happy that Carl Peterson hasn't caved. I may not be singing this same tune over the summer though. A man only has so much patience.

Forgot to add that Trent Green is making this more difficult because he won't restructure with anyone else besides the Dolphins. I do not envy Carl Peterson today.

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