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Morning Update (Bubonic Plague Edition)

  • Priest Holmes ran away with the greatest Chiefs RB poll over at Arrowhead Addict.

  • Chiefs Blitz rants about Herm Edwards, Jared Allen and NFL teams trying to convert track stars into NFL stars.

  • And if there was ever any evidence that something is in water in Denver, CO, this case of the bubonic plague proves it. I mean, come on. The bubonic plague? What century is this? Get it together Denver.

  • This story is from last week but Big Blue View asks a good question: What did happen to Mike Vanderjagt?

  • Bolt Hype has a list of the 5 players the Chargers can't afford to lose. And the list will surprise you.

  • If you're curious about the Kauffman Stadium renovations, check out Royal's Review.

  • Finally, check out this NY Times article on Johnnie Morton and mixed martial arts.
Just caught part of the 7:30 AM 810 Sports radio interview with Jared Allen. I only caught the first few minutes, which proved to be nothing groundbreaking. Jared Allen wants a long term contract. He's put his problems behind him. He wants to stay in Kansas City but only if he has a long term contract. Blah. Blah. Blah. I'm beginning to think that Jared Allen is afraid of his own future, which is fueling his own strong desire to get more money down on paper. I'm sure his agent is pushing him a lot but I'm not confident that Jared Allen's drinking problems are behind him. Just a hunch. Any long term deal with him better include some provision for backing out if his drinking becomes a problem again. swift247 throws around some Jared Allen trade possibilities in this diary.

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