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Trent Green Press Conference Today

Via the KC Star discussion board and originally from 810 Sports, apparently Trent Green will hold a press conference today at 1:30 pm CDT. Is this it people?

All updates to the press conference will be found in this thread. Please comment if you get a chance to watch it. I feel like I'm in that scene in Braveheart, where all of the Scottish warriors are waiting with spears for the British cavalry to get close enough so they can impale them.

William: Hold! Hold! Hold! Now!

(As the English close in, the Scots suddenly raise hundreds of long heavy spears from the ground.  The horses crash into the spears throwing their riders.  The Scots easily defeat the stunned knights.)

General: Send the infantry.

Cheltham: My Lord?

General: You lead them.

How is that for drama?

**UPDATE** Press conference is official. Listen to it online here. Updates to follow immediately in the comment section.

**UPDATE** Nothing new in this interview. Check out the comments. Basically a rehashing of what Trent has been saying all along. He said he's fulfilled his end of the bargain- finding a team and negotiating a contract- but the Chiefs have not gotten the deal done. He is sharing the exact same number of reps as the other QBs in this week's off season training activities. He expects to be in Miami for the 2007 season.

Word of the off season for Trent Green: FRUSTRATED.

**UPDATE** Here is a transcript of the press conference.

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