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Keep an Eye on Derrick Ross

Derrick Ross, a running back the Chiefs signed in May of 2006 and then allocated to NFL Europe, is doing a pretty damn good job over there. Granted, NFL Europe is lesser competition but his stats aren't bad at all.

Date Carries Yards TDs
April 14th 30 119 1
April 21st 22 43 0
April 28th 17 66 1
May 5th 20 69 1
May 13th 25 143 0
Average 22.8 88

While perusing the NFL Europe website, I noticed the the phrase "allocated from" is used a lot. For example, they will say Player XYZ, allocated from the Kansas City Chiefs, rushed for 100 yards. I'm sure its fun for the players to constantly be reminded of the teams that sent their ass all the way to Europe to play football. The NFL Europe players are like a weird science experiment where humans beings are the test subjects. I would like to think that the Europeans are cautious yet potentially interested in American football.

There are six NFL Europe teams and I have to say I have never seen a down of NFL Europe football. Derrick Ross plays for the Colgone Centurions, who are currently tied for first place with a 3-2 record. There are three teams with a 3-2 record and three teams with a 2-3 record. Even the NFL can't claim that parity.

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