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Neil Smith is a Classy Guy

While at an all day drink fest done in the name of curing cancer, I noticed that Neil Smith was nearby signing autographs. I grabbed my new cell phone that has a pretty good camera on it (2.0 megapixels) and snapped the above shot. I know you are used to pictures that are "obvious" shots of famous people but look a little bit closer in the center of the picture and you can see Neil Smith in a green shirt, talking on his cell phone. These aren't paid shots people. You have to play a little Where's Waldo with our celebrities around here.

While I did not go over to him, one of my female friends did. The encounter, paraphrased here for your pleasure:

Female Friend: "Will you sign my chest?"

Neil Smith: "No. I cannot."

Okay, so not exactly the most exciting story about a Chiefs player (or the best paraphrasing) ever but I have to give Neil props for not stooping to my friend's level (Sorry) and just grabbing those boobs and signing away. Which is what I would have done. Again, I hope you have enjoyed another hard hitting report from AP.

Feel free to send me any pictures you have with Chiefs players and I will be glad to post them. Interesting pics are ALWAYS a plus.

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