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Who's More Into the Rap Game? Tank or Larry?

If you came here looking for the LJ rap song, go here.

We're all well aware of Larry Johnson's rap affiliation. But I have to say that our new draft pick from NC State Tank Tyler could probably take down Larry in any sort of rap competition. Why? Because Tank has his own rap CD.  Thats right. Tank Tyler just doesn't hang around famous rappers, he plans on being one. I haven't actually heard any of his songs yet but he got a ringing endorsement from an NC State message board. Apparently, Tank doesn't curse on his album (which is a work browsing plus). There is a working link to his song "Welcome to the Carter" if you scroll down that message board thread.

For those of you who can't/won't listen to that song, Tank describes his rapping style as a "dirty south style". Not to be lumped together with the traditional stereotype of violent rappers, Tank says, "I write a little poetry. I used to write poetry to females all the time. That inspired me too."

I leave you with one of the better lines in his theme song: "I've been in more bowls than cereal." No more Gary Glitter right? Lets let Tank take a shot. Sorry LJ. You actually have to rap to be compared with this draft pick.

**NOTE** I'm going to be gone at the end of the week (good 'ole Tennessee again) so if anyone feels like they have what it takes to take over this glorious blog (its still a blog, right?) for two days, drop me a line at chiefssportsblognation AT

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